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Support Nick on the Rocks

Nick on the Rocks explores the geology of the Pacific Northwest with nationally recognized Earth-science educator, Nick Zentner. Central Washington University’s popular geologist draws viewers into an Earth science experience that’s fascinating, accessible, and exciting. The adventure brings epic floods, giant lavas, and massive earthquakes to viewers, who learn about the powerful ancient forces that constructed the world we live in. 

A recent Northwest Regional Emmy Award nominee for the following categories: Informational/Instructional–Short Form Content, "Saddle Mountains Buried in Ash;" Environment/Science–Short Form Content, "Teanaway Tropics."

The Emmy-nominated Nick on the Rocks has been on hiatus due to the pandemic. But now we are retooling with the hopes of producing a new season for 2022. Your support will help us secure a production team, create exciting animations of geologic events, and take us on fascinating adventures in the geological wonderland of the Pacific Northwest. 

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