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Welcome to CWU Scalefunder! This crowdfunding platform is designed to attract funding to specific academic research or impact projects, campus activities, and college-wide programs.

Before submitting an application, please carefully review the following information. For more detailed information visit our FAQ page. Please direct all questions to the Director of Annual Giving, Kaitlyn Gottlieb at or (509) 963-1535

Who can submit a CWU Scalefunder project for consideration?

All CWU faculty and staff members, academic departments, and various other members of the Wildcat community are invited to submit an application. CWU Scalfunder cannot be used to fund independent business or charity ventures, regardless of whether or not the people leading those ventures are members of CWU Community. We require all applicants have written endorsement from their college dean or program leadership before submitting an application.

What makes a successful CWU ScaleFunder project submission? 

The Advancement Team will identify and approve projects that show the most potential for success.

Successful projects...

- Support the mission of CWU

- Have a realistic funding goal and timeline, in line with those outlined on the FAQ page

- Are led by a passionate team that is creative and has bandwidth to create interesting content and actively solicit their networks for contribution for 4 to 6 weeks.

How does Advancement assist with the process? 

CWU Advancement is here to partner with you to plan and implement a successful crowdfunding campaign. Involvement includes, but is not limited to:

- A brief meeting with the Director of Annual Giving to provide an overview of the process and discuss your project details and plan

- A CWU ScaleFunder project page build

- Crowdfunding best practice advice including content suggestions and proven fundraising tips.

- Encouragement and support along the way! We will help you develop a plan for engaging potential donors, brainstorm perks or levels of support to encourage donations (think social media shout outs or a special experience related to your project) and advise you on a plan to thank your donors once they have made a gift.

What do I need to know before submitting an application? 

Currently, project applications are accepted on a rolling and limited basis. Once your project is approved and your page is ready to launch, all campaigns run for a total of 30-45 days.

Once you submit an application, the Director of Annual Giving will let you know if your project has been accepted within two weeks. After this two-week review period, it will be AT LEAST 60 days until you receive any funds you raise, so please be sure to submit your application at least 75 days (~10 weeks) before funding is needed. Remember, there is no guarantee that funding will be secured- it’s up to you and your team to make it happen if your project is accepted!

What is the timeline for a project from application to receiving funds raised? 

After a project application is submitted, there are three phases in the CWU ScaleFunder process:

Application Review (Up to 2 weeks)

Members of the CWU Advancement Team will review your application and determine the likelihood of your project meeting or exceeding its funding goal. You should expect the Director of Annual Giving, Kaitlyn Gottlieb, to reach out to you with additional questions during this time.

Build Phase (30 days)

You provide the Director of Annual Giving with content to build your page and we will work together to determine the best strategy for your campaign. You should also take this time to come up with a strategy for social media sharing, identify as many donors as possible, and work to actively engage your team.

Active Phase (30 days)

You and your group/team/department contact family and friends via email, phone, text, social, etc. and ask them to join you in making a gift. You will also have the opportunity to invite Ambassadors (think mini-influencers for your project) to register and share the link to your project page. ALL leads and students directly involved in fundraising for a project are required to sign up as ambassadors to track their efforts.

Good luck, we look forward to reading your application hear about the great work Wildcats are doing on campus and beyond!

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